About Us

Awana at Community Baptist Church

Who we are

Community Baptist Church consists of people whose mission is to lift up the name of Jesus by integrating the Bible's teachings into our everyday lives.

What we believe

We believe that the Bible is the living word of God. We live in the rewards of His promises, the blessings of obedience to His commands, and are seeking to lift up the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe the Bible teaches all humanity their need for redemption through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. It is the desire of this church to be used of the Lord as we seek to share His love with, not only our community, but for the world around us.

Our Pastor

Our pastor, Bill Marshall, is committed to preaching the Word of God. The center of every message is that of the redeeming work of Jesus Christ. His style is that of a teacher and a brother. Pastor Marshall understands that we all struggle, and he is there for his congregation as a teacher, mentor, and friend.

Our Vision

We are a body of believers that are in pursuit of a vision to reach the world for the cause of Christ. Practically, we want to live out the teachings of the Word in the following key areas:

  • Mentoring those that need help moving forward in their lives
  • Providing a place where children can find a safe haven that will positively impact their futures
  • Supporting foreign missions and other outreaches that work to spread God's message all across the world
  • Striving to assist those hurting in their daily lives
  • Helping to feed the hungry by supporting local food pantries and other initiatives
  • Assisting with the needs of the elderly, both within the church and in the surrounding communities